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Worthy Targets for the Amateur

Hone Your Observing Skills or Be a Discoverer

These links provide background information and tools for the amateur hunter of these elusive objects. 


Asteroid 951 Gaspra

False-color image of 
Asteroid  951 Gaspra 
produced by  spacecraft 

NSSDC Image Catalog

Page on asteroids from SEDS. You will find here background data and  a number of useful links.

Asteroids and Comets
NASA's National Space Science Data Center has put together a collection of articles, links and images 

Introduction to Asteroids
Linked pages on Asteroids (and Comets and other things) from Solarviews.

PDS Small Body Node
A set of servers and databases providing information on small bodies in the planetary system. This is a joint venture between NASA and a small group of educational institutions.

Exploring Comets, Asteroids, and Other Bodies in the Solar System
Centennial of Flight Essay.

European Space Agency's website for mission and science information on a variety of probes, including Rosetta, Europe's comet chaser and lander.

Deep Impact
NASA's mission to Comet Tempel 1 - to make a deep impact crater in the comet and study its structure. Wonder if they consulted with Hollywood to design the mission...

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous - NASA's mission to land a spacecraft on the asteroid 433 Eros (1898 DQ). The spacecraft landed on Eros on February 12, 2001. Excellent exposition of orbital mechanics.

Deep Space 1
NASA's mission to Comet Borelly. Launched October 24, 1998; retired December 18, 2001. NASA's own verdict: "Highly successful".

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