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Treasures from the Internet

This is an annotated directory of websites that are, or should be, of interest to the amateur astronomer. By its nature, it is an incomplete list, with items being continually added and modified. Links to topics of special interest, such as Observing Mars or Observing Saturn, are collected into their own folders which you can open by clicking on the folder titles below. 

We are fortunate to have such a wealth of readily available information presented in colorful and entertaining detail. If you feel we have missed some valuable resource link (which, we will acknowledge, is more than likely) please drop us a line with your suggestion. We will be glad to rectify any oversight on our part. You may use the Feedback form or send e-mail to  

We will attempt to bring some greater sense of organization to our listing of this collection of wonderful resources as we go along. (You may wonder which Solar System body will appear after Saturn and Mars.) In the meantime, enjoy. There is clearly more than enough material here to keep the average person busy for the foreseeable future, or at least until dinnertime - or (yawn) bedtime.


Night Sky Network
A resource for Astronomy Clubs and for the Public. Find a Club near you here. Sponsored by NASA, JPL and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

A resource for International Space Station passes, Iridium Flares and other satellite passes. Apps for your smart phone are available at your APP Store.

Night Sky Tools
Astronomy Apps for the night sky. Also search your APP Store for Night Sky Tools

Government Websites
ks to officially sponsored resources on space exploration

Press, Commercial, Educational and Amateur Sources
inks to unofficial sources

Observing Saturn
Links to resources on the Web focused on Saturn

Observing Mars
Links to resources on the Web focused on Mars  

Asteroids, Comets and Satellites
Links to resources on the Web focused on Asteroids, Comets and Satellites  

Links to Other Amateur Astronomy Clubs
These links lead to websites maintained by other clubs, mainly in Arizona, and to national amateur organizations.