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Other Amateur Groups

The Larger Community

These links identify other local clubs in Arizona or national and international amateur organizations.



The Brown Dwarfs of Orion's Trapezium
NASA - Astronomy Picture of the Day
HST WFPC2 data

The bright stars here are well known. The many dim objects, however, are not well known, and have come to attention only on recent images in infrared light. These dim objects are thought to be brown dwarfs and free-floating planets.


The Astronomical League
The world's largest federation of amateur astronomers.

Night Sky Network
Website created by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in conjunction with NASA.

Sirius Lookers
The Sedona Astronomy Club

Coconino Astronomical Society (CAS)
Flagstaff Astronomy Club. Meets at Lowell Observatory.

East Valley Astronomy Club
Amateur club serving Eastern Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ.

Saguaro Astronomy Club (SAC)
Serving Metro Phoenix, AZ.

Tucson Amateur Astronomy Association
Large group with over 300 members. Sponsors the Grand Canyon Star Party.

Huachuca Astronomy Club
Based in Sierra Vista and serves the SE Arizona Area

International Dark-Sky Association
To preserve and protect the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting.

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